Photo A Day – Week 17

This has been a good week indeed. The working week started with a day off and my buddy Laura’s birthday and ended with free Krispy Kreme donuts courtesy of our lovely stationery peeps and champers courtesy of Dead Before Dawn. It’s all glamour working for a festival I tell ya!

Day 22: Blurry BlurryDon’t think it’s possible to get a non-blurry pic of Laura’s pets. This is Lola stealing a milk treat from Laura’s glittery fingers.

Day 23: Time timeThis is the time that I get home from work. Fab 1hr 20min bus journey. Boo.

Day 24: I saw this person today Saw this person todayMy chauffeur! Staying at David’s for a couple of days so I don’t have to face the dreaded bus journey.

Day 25: Life is… Life isBest graffiti ever.

Day 26: Childhood ChildhoodDolly mixtures must be the ultimate kiddies sweet. Had a night of pizza, beers and sweets with the bf. It was good.

Day 27: Earth earthAfter pigging out the night before, we needed a serious walk today. Luckily it was a pleasant day. This is all the new trees which have recently been planted on the Dundas Estate. Lovely.

Day 28: My Sunday my sundayI’ve decided to try the Couch to 5K challenge so today marked my first run, like, ever. I wanted to die. Seriously. So my Sunday was getting up really early, all enthusiastic, then wanting to lie down for the rest of the day.

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