Photo a Day – Week 12

Tough week! Got lost with posting but I managed to catch up on Friday. I was taking pictures but never had the chance to upload them, so it was a bit of a flood. I’m really trying to stick to it though. Planning on making a book in Jan 2014 so I kinda have to. Anyway…

Day 18: Shoes ShoesIt’s my birthday! And these are the ace new shoes David got me!

Day 19: A sign signShow me the way to Edinburgh.

Day 20: Clean cleanClean hair.

Day 21: Working working…on finishing the birthday cake!

Day 22: About you about youJudging from my birthday haul, my friends know all about me. This is just some of it, I was very lucky.

Day 23: How you have fun how you have funHanging out with David. We went for nachos and beer at Favorit, a show for the Science Fest (The Big Fat Science Quiz) and then back to Favorit for waffles! Mmm good night!

Day 24: Up upThe man putting up new picture frames, for my Bouncing Souls Tour screenprint and my Instagrams.

You can find me on Instagram @AlleyHope.


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