Photo a Day – Week 11

Busy week! Well not really but I did start a new job which has made this week seem like 3.

Day 11: Important ImportantHandy bible.

Day 12: In the Distance In the distanceHome can seem like a long way off when you’re waiting for the bus.

Day 13: Sound SoundSound suppliers. Probably playing The Bouncing Souls or The Clash.

Day 14: Tasty TastyNeed a daily chocolate hit!

Day 15: Explore ExploreThere is no better place to explore than Edinburgh.

Day 16: 9 o’clock 9 o'clockDoggy-sitting Dj and his sore paw.

Day 17: Green GreenHappy St Patrick’s Day! Went to see the Bouncing Souls at Glasgow Stereo and it was awesome! True Believers, aaalll the way!!

Let’s be photo buddies on Instagram – @AlleyHope.


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