Friday Favourites – 21 December

Hello and since it no longer seems that the world will end today, welcome to my second last Favourites post of 2012!

New Flickr App

BerwickAround the same time that Instagram managed to piss off most of its users by deciding to sell their photographs, the genius’ at Flickr released a new app update, and it is amazing. Uploading, sharing, organizing and yes, adding filters(!) is all super easy now on the go. I can see myself getting hooked on this, and I’m planning a much need update of my account soon.

Head over to to check it out and have a looky at my sidebar to see my account —>

Handpainted Ukelele DIY


How cute is this craft? This is an idea brought from A Beautiful Mess and I already know who I’ll be making this for on their next birthday!

See the tutorial, and more loveliness at it’s a great site, one of my favourites.

Instagram Coasters

Instagram coastersDo you like my new coasters? This was a Christmas gift (got it early!) from a friend. I especially like the beer one. It’s amazing how many different things you can get your Instagrams printed on nowadays. I still love you, Instagram!

I’m not sure where these are from as it was a gift but you can get them, or at least similar ones from

Ok, that’s it. Join me next Friday where I’ll be doing a special – my favourite films of 2012!


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