Friday … ahem, Saturday Favourites – 14 Dec

Oopsy! Seems to be Saturday already! Oh well, nevermind, we got there eventually.

Soap & Glory

Soap and Glory
Aah I love Soap & Glory! This is just a very small part of my collection. There is an amazing deal on at Boots – The Best of All Collection is down to £27.00 from £60.00 for this week only. Now, its sold out online, there may be some left in store, although my bet is that it will be sold out completely by the end of the weekend if not already. If you can find it, buy it! I love the smell, the packaging, the quality, all of it! I didn’t get the collection, I’ve already got more than enough but it is so worth it.

Go to to check it out, and have a look at the other gift sets as well, you can’t go wrong.

Glass Whale Ornament

Glass Whale Ornament

I really like it when people have lots of unique decorations on their Christmas tress rather than just a multipack of the same decoration. I am currently lusting after this antique glass whale bauble. At £18 it is a tad pricy but I believe that it would become the star of the tree (err, apart from the star at the top).

It is from, go have a look.

Jack Daniels Cocktailslynchburg_lemonade

I think it’s the cold weather, but lately I’ve been craving booze – in responsible amounts – specifically, Jack Daniels based cocktails. I love the above, a Lynchburg Lemonade, even more so if you add a splash of Chambord, or any other berry based liqueur. Ooh could go for one now!

JD cocktails can be surprisingly sweet, while still being a bit manly so are great if you’re hosting a Christmas soiree and want something other than mulled wine. So if it floats your boat, check out for some recipe ideas (if you’re over 18 that is).

Camera Cookie Cutters


Yep, these are awesome. Wow your photography geek friends with some canon-cookies, or give the cutters themselves as the most perfect gift.

Available for $18.00 (around £11.00) from

Thanks for reading. Next time, it’s the last Friday before Christmas! Can’t wait!


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