National Mining Museum Scotland

I want to introduce a new category: (Things to) See & Do. This is me generally promoting the things I like and tentatively branching out into reviews. I thought I’d start this with a place I know well: The National Mining Museum Scotland.

Let me just say that due to my personal affiliation to the museum, this would be a fairly biased view, so this is not a review as such, more just a recommendation.

The museum was once a working colliery and now consists of two floors of exhibitions,  interactive areas for kids, and tours of the Pithead (with a recreated Coalface) and former Workshops.There are also archives with photographs and records of all mines in Scotland and their staff.

What I like about the museum is the fact that you can get a tour from guides who are all ex-miners and all have great stories. It really brings something different to the experience of visiting a museum. There are also lots of different events and developments in the works. One upcoming event I am looking forward to is the Overnight Paranormal Investigation with Ghost Finder General on Saturday 27th October. No matter what you believe, it should be an entertaining night. I just hope it doesn’t scare me off going back in on my own! I’ll let you know here how it goes!

The pictures featured were taken on the recent Doors Open Day, where me and my Dad had the chance to climb the iconic Headframe. Having lived in Newtongrange most of my life, the Headframe has always been an omnipresent structure. Indeed, when I was in first year at art college we were asked to create a sculpture which represented us and where we were from and the red wheels of the Headframe were the core feature in mine. Therefore, it was exciting to see it and the village from a new (high!) angle.

Pictures (clockwise from top left):
Dad at the top of the Headframe
Meeting one of the (waxwork) staff on the Pithead
The Colliery. I love this section: the brickwork; the rusted over train; the lettering.
A disused hutch upcycled into a flowerbed.

By the way, if you are ever looking for somewhere to do a photography/art project, look no further. I certainly plan to do some work inspired by here when I get the chance.

Visit for more information.


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