Days Out | Bourton on the Water


I’ve been doing a bit more exploring of Gloucestershire. Recently we went to the most chocolate-box-twee village I’ve ever seen, Bourton-on-the-Water.  It reminded me of Sandford in Hot Fuzz. Loved it. We even saw Morris dancers! It was packed with tourists and we were only there for a couple of hours but we did visit two of the main attractions – the Model Village and the Motoring Museum.

20151010_113058 20151010_111252 20151010_111547 20151010_112140 20151010_112452 20151010_112736

There was a model village of the model village within the model of the model village. #villageception.

The Model Village was £3.60 for entry and it was a fun 20 minutes pretending you were a giant. The models had a really high attention to detail so it was really well done. The models and the grounds are well maintained and you an tell that they kept them up to date with new signs etc.

20151010_120435 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 20151010_120453

Next we went to the Cotswold Motoring Museum. Admission was £5.25, which was good value considering how deceptively large the museum is. Plus, it’s absolutely packed!

20151010_114059 20151010_114406 20151010_114428 20151010_114605 20151010_114737 20151010_115611 20151010_115744

The museum has absolutely everything – cars (of course), vintage signs, petrol pumps and motoring accessories. It also has a large toy collection, not just cars (although I loved the matchbox car display above), a real mixed lot. And it’s home to Brum – the little car from the TV show where he would go on adventures around Birmingham – does anyone remember that?

Quite a fun afternoon in all!


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