August Wishlist | Palm Leaf Paradise

August Wishlist | Palm Leaf Paradise

August Wishlist | Palm Leaf Paradise

This month’s wishlist is all about holding on to the holiday vibes with some tropical palm leaf inspired prints and goodies.

Left to right, top to bottom:

Corn Palm from Homebase (£39.99)
 This little guy will grow up to one metre. Or he will in a green thumbed house far away from me. I’m getting better with my house-plant keeping though – I’ve been practising on the office plants which are mostly all still alive! When we move into a (hopefully) bigger house I definitely want to put a few plants about the place.

Palm Printed Jacket from Dorothy Perkins (£17.50)
I love this jacket and it’s versatile enough for work and play.

Banana Leaf Phone Case by Kiwihen (£13.90)
I really need a new phone case. I’m a bit bored of my current marble printed one and it’s a bit cracked at the bottom. I love this illustrated banana leaf one – the prettiest of the leaf prints!

The Melt Crowd from Flamingo Candles (£10 per month)
Not exclusively tropical, but Flamingo Candles includes melts such as Tomato Leaf, Mango and Dragonfruit and Tropical Coconut and Honey. I just tried my first melt from them and it rocks so will be signing up for this subscription box very soon!

White Palm Tree Print Shirt Dress from New Look (£22.99)
New Look has stacks of palm prints clothes in all colours from blue, to green, to neon pink to this more subdued black and white number. I could have filled this entire list with New Look, but I decided to settle for just this one as I thought it was the most wearable (for me).

Palm Print Dress with Collar by Iska at ASOS (£14)
Another really pretty, but subtle dress. Spoiled for choice!

What are you wishing for this month? I’m also hoping for some sunshine but feel that might be pushing it!


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