A Mag Education – The March Edition

A Mag EducationHi March! I read about you a month ago in these here magazines. Well, except InStyle, I didn’t actually read that one. I never do and I don’t know what possessed me to pick it up, wish I’d bought Marie Claire instead. Oh dear.

Company March 2014Company March 2014Firstly, I hated the ‘rock chick’ guitars on the cover next to Nina Nesbitt, just a bit tacky and pre-teeny. I am definitely getting too old for Company but I still love a lot about it. We’ll see if it makes it past another year…

Anyway, what I did love was that March’s Company was showcasing new talent from an open call for writers, designers, illustrators, journalists, photographers and web editors. The above is by Lauren Ripley, a 20-year old photographer. Incredible creativity.

Company MarchYup! Anyone else sick of the sight of their Instagram by Day 3 of London Fashion Week?

Company MarchWill have to try out Amazine, always wanted my own magazine

Cosmopolitan March 2014 Cosmo MarchYes, Cosmo, Harper will have awkward teenage years. No, they won’t be exactly like ours but she’ll have her own set of problems and they’ll seem just as bad to her. Being a teenager sucks for everyone, regardless of wealth.

Cosmo March 2014Hello fancy blue eyeliner! Seeing this and the navy lower lash cat eye at Marc Jacobs prompted a rare set away from black for me. I love this look.

Cosmo March 2014Cosmo also discussed the serious issue of the struggles that women (and men) with a condition unhelpfully labeled Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified face when trying to seek treatment. It ‘s crazy that because someone might not have all of the symptoms of anorexia or bulimia that they’re being denied help and being told to “come back when it gets worse”. When not if. Find out more information about EDNOS here.

Glamour March 2014 Glamour March 2014If you knew that your friend’s partner was cheating would you tell them? I thought that this issue was pretty black and white until I read this article but now I see that there are many grey areas around the subject. I guess for me I still would (and I’d want to know) but I’d think more about how I’d tell them.

Glamour MarchDidn’t Company do an Instagram make up feature a couple of months ago? Yes they did. However, as a Valencia die-hard I prefer this one. And apparently the Mayfair filter gets the most interactions. So there you go, get more interactions for your face. Easy.

I’m excited for the April magazine haul. I predict some freebies! Finally the scant winter nights are over and magazines will return to bribing us for our custom. Just the way it should be.

Are you a magazine addict? I want to switch things up so recommend some magazines for me to enjoy.


4 thoughts on “A Mag Education – The March Edition”

  1. I used to buy Marie Claire every month, but I stopped, guess I grew out of it. and when I was a teenage, oh god, the money thrown on magazines.. but later helped me with collages of all kinds.

    imeowlife. ,Dixx

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