Bomb Cosmetics Cranberry & Lime Scrub

Bomb Cosmetics Cranberry and LimeI recently received this mammoth sized Cranberry and Lime Shower Scrub free with an order from the ever-awesome Bomb Cosmetics. As it’s part of the permanent range and available on their website I thought I’d review it for you. I always have a pot of two of Flake Away or The Breakfast Scrub from Soap & Glory stashed in my bathroom, both of which I love, so the standard for a new scrub is pretty high.

Bomb Cosmetics Cranberry and Lime ScrubAs you can see from the photo, this is a salt-based scrub with fine grains and cranberry seed to mix things up. The oils tend to settle so you need to give it a quick stir (with your finger is fine) before use. Unfortunately the bottom of my pot was cracked to the oils is slowly leaking out. It’s not a huge problem as I have the pot sitting in a small round tupperware dish and I just pour it back in before use. I didn’t bother to contact Bomb to ask for a swap which I’m sure they would honour so this doesn’t put me off ordering in future, but worth mentioning. The leaking oil is scenting my bathroom rather nicely at the moment!

And speaking of scents, this one is incredible. The most noticeable element is the lime – this smells like a margarita! The cranberry adds an extra layer of fruitiness and the whole effect is very zesty and refreshing. After use, it linger on the skin but the notes of sage become a bit stronger, leaving a lovely herby, fresh scent. This, I think, makes the scrub a lot more unisex than the Soap & Glory ones I usually use and I have noticed the bf dipping into it.

It leaves your skin feeling well moisturised and smooth. The oils mean that this is best before you go to bed so that they have the night to soak in and do their magic, otherwise I’d recommend a moisturising body wash after the scrub so you don’t have that oily feeling for the rest of the day.

I’ve really been enjoying this scrub. At £7.99 for a 365ml tub I think It’s a great deal and would certainly repurchase.


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