Loreal Miss Manga Mega Volume Mascara

Miss Manga Mascara LorealSay hello to Loreal’s new mascara launch – Miss Manga! She’s looking super cute in her pink and black get up right? I picked this up on somewhat of a whim while browsing during my latest Boots haul. Currently available at an introductory price of Ā£5.99 I thought it was worth a try, even though I didn’t know anything about the mascara. I do get sucked in by packaging and marketing images very easily!

Loreal Miss Manga MascaraMiss Manga is a very wet mascara and the brush is a strange wavy, conical shape. This is designed to help you reach the corner lashes and do your bottom lashes too. The wand also has another strange feature:

Loreal Miss Manga Mega Volume MascaraIt bends in the middle! Why? I have no idea. Personally, when I put on mascara I don’t apply enough pressure to the wand to bend the brush. I don’t get it really.

Miss Manga closed eyes right way Miss Manga open eyes (5)I’m wearing one coat on my left eye and two on the right and I haven’t used eyelash curlers. Miss Manga does add considerable length and a bit of curl to the lashes. With eyelash curlers this would be even more dramatic. I applied very light coats and even with one it clumped terribly. If you are into spidery lashes then I’m sure you’ll love the look you can get with Miss Manga. However, I prefer my lashes to look thick but soft so it’s really not a mascara for me I’m afraid. It’s called ‘Mega Volume’, but really they should have pitched it was lengthening instead as it lengthens more than it volumises. It also started flaking before the end of the day which was disappointing.

On the plus side, Miss Manga would be a great mascara if you like the clumpy lash look – and some do – as it makes your lashes look really long and it’s very black. There are also two colours available – purple and a bright turquoise. The blue looks amazing, really bright and noticeable. Not sure I need a blue mascara any time soon but if I do, I’ll know where to look.

Will you be giving Miss Manga a whirl?



7 thoughts on “Loreal Miss Manga Mega Volume Mascara”

    1. Definitely doesn’t deliver on the ‘mega volume’ claim. You’d need to put on loads of layers and by then your lashes would be so clumped together you’d barely be able to open your eyes!

  1. Just found you via the blogger forums. This has a nice little name, but I’m not sure it’ll be any good. I’ve never had much luck with Loreal products.

    Have you tried wiping the excess mascara off on a piece of tissue before applying? And the stuff on the end, i know it seems wasteful, but it generally stops it from being very clumpy!

    1. Thanks for the tip, I’ll try that out šŸ™‚ I was also hoping that once it starts to dry out a bit it would be a bit better as it’s very wet just now. We’ll see…

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