Photo A Day – Week 35

I love the first week of September. The August crowds have gone, Edinburgh goes back to normal but it feels so empty. We have our city back. Jumper and boots weather is just around the corner, the first mad shops start on Christmas (the Co-op has Christmas chocolate already), bubble baths become a near daily luxury, the cat finally stops moulting… yep, I love autumn. Here’s my last week of summer.

Day 26: Entrance EntranceEntrance to the Usher Hall flanked by digital art from the International Festival.

Day 27: 10 minutes from home 10 minutes from homeUgh finally! Such a long commute just now. Can’t wait to move and save 2 and a half hours on my day.

Day 28: Corridorย CorridorAt the store. Very yellow.

Day 29: Lucky LuckyThey say that a black cat crossing your path is lucky but I like to think that all cats are lucky.

Day 30: Cluttered ClutteredMy room is a mess.

Day 31: Dangerous DangerousWild goat at the Mela Festival Kids Zone. He kept head-butting the poor sheep.


Day 1: Together TogetherPeople enjoying the Mela Festival.

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