Photo A Day – Week 34

I haven’t been loving the prompts this week, but perhaps that’s because I’m now back at work I don’t have exciting holiday pictures to take and share. Also I think I may have gadget-related RSI. My arm was sore yesterday and I noticed that it came back after I typed up a book review. May not post next week at all. So before my arm drops off completely here is the #FMSPhotoADay snaps from this week:

Day 19: Lost LostSomeone’s lost a boot.

20. Stairs stairsAs you can probably tell by the red brickwork, this was taken in my home village, Newtongrange.

Day 21: Slow SlowTortoises are slow. As was this week.

Day 22: A room A RoomMy bathroom. Not much room in here.

Day 23: Yellow YellowI saw one of these balloons tied to a baby’s pushchair. Not sure if the mum spoke English but the other sides says ‘Sex Guru’. Typical bit of classy marketing from a Fringe promoter. Nice one.

Day 24: In the background In the backgroundColourful gallery. And more of those damn balloons.

Day 25: Culture CultureEngaging with no culture today. Yesterday I did some flyering for the Mela though. Looking forward to doing some volunteering next week. They have awesome t-shirts too.

My Instagram is @AlleyHope where I post every day. Signing off now, cheerio!


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