Photo A Day – Week 33

I’m so sad that I have to back to work tomorrow. Why can’t I be on holiday forever? Oh yeah, that’s right – reality. Oh well it’s been a good week with lots of great memories.

Day 12: Macro MacroI don’t know if this actually counts as a macro shot but it was my favourite of the day. This was taken at the Capel dos Ossos (Chapel of Bones) in Alcantarilha. The Chapel is a small but tall room attached to the town church and decorated with the bones of some 1000 parishioners. There are chapels like this one all over Portugal.

Day 13: Fast FastDolphins are fast! This is the dorsal fin of a Common dolphin whose pod we encountered on a bout trip. I did manage to get some better pics on my proper camera and a great video which I posted on Instagram. This was the highlight of my holiday.

Day 14: Trash TrashTrash can disguised as a straightforward holiday snap!

Day 15: The best The bestThe best thing about coming home is Murphy headbumps.

Day 16: Cooking CookingEr yeah, I don’t really cook. So look, a pizza chef!

Day 17: Exercise ExerciseMy exercise schedule! Restarting this today. I love Blogilates but it is tough for a beginner like me.

Day 18: Someone you spoke to today Someone you spoke to todayMy day who promptly got attacked by Murphy after this photo was taken.

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