Photo a Day – Week 31

August is a pretty special time for us Edinburghers. There’s the Fringe, Art Festival, Book Festival, International Festival, a whole bunch of festivals, the tourists, the atmosphere, the flyerers… and for me, the getting the hell outta here. This time next week I’ll be in Portugal and I absolutely cannot wait. Not that I don’t love Edinburgh in August, but I can do it for two week, not four. Anyways, here’s last week in photo-a-day-glory:

Day 29: Perspective PerspectiveBored at the bus stop. I thought that this had quite good timing with the seagull overhead.

Day 30: Friendship FriendshipDidn’t see anyone today so had to use an oldish photo. Kerry’s tattoos make my feet look pale and boring!

Day 31: Workspace WorkspaceFor now at least! (Don’t ask)


Day 1: Something beginning with N something beginning with nAn obvious one! This is ‘Blue no Blues’ more info here.

Day 2: Incomplete IncompleteThat feeling you get when you get to the end of a book. Especially part one of a trilogy. This is Oryx and Crake, part one of the Maddaddam Trilogy by Margaret Atwood.

Day 3: Skyline SkylineTrees! Sky! Clouds!

Day 4: Fresh FreshMint Fresh to be precise. I did a post about the most talked about lip balms probably ever this week which you can read here.

As always I’m on Instagram everyday doing this and other posts occasionally at @AlleyHope. Come and say hello. I seem to be following a lot of teens/20-year-olds at the moment somehow, they’re all obsessed with Lush, Yankee Candles and fro-yo. They do take pretty pictures though. I’m just jealous not to be 19 anymore.


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