Mani Monday – Blue No Blues

BoujoisMy original intention for this post was to show you manicures with all three of the above colours – ‘Turquoise Block’, ‘Green Fizz’ and ‘Blue No Blues’ – but lo and behold, the first colour was just too gorgeous to take off so you’re getting only one for now.

Blue no BluesI’ve seen a lot of posts singing the praises of the Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel Texture and this post is no different. The brush is wide with a blunt tip but rounded corners which makes application super easy. Much like the Essie brushes, you do need to be careful not to overload it, but after a couple of goes it becomes an absolute breeze. I used two coats, but if you are careful with application you could get away with one. It dries to a smooth, glossy finish. A topcoat is not required in terms of adding shine, but I used one anyway.

I am completely in love with the colour! A vivid true blue, it straddles being a soft pastel like blue and an eye-popping neon simultaneously, it’s that bright against my pale skin.

These cost £5.99 each. Bourjois is currently on 3for2 in Boots and you also get a free pair of sunglasses with purchase. I’m so impressed with these, I’ll be buying from this range again in the future for sure.


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