Photo a Day – Week 30

Week 30! Can’t believe I’m still going to be honest! But I’m really enjoying this challenge. I’m looking forward to tomorrow (the last Monday of the month) when Chantelle will reveal the August list. I’ll be on holiday in August so hopefully there will be some prompts that I can use to show off!

Day 22: Grey GreyGrey old Lothian Road.

Day 23: I drew this! I drew this!I drew this (a while ago but still!) llama-face.

Day 24: D is for… d is forDaffodil!

Day 25: Ground groundGround beef. Went to TGI Fridays with David after work. On a Thursday! Pushing the boat out! Or should that be bloat? Whatever, it was tasty.

Day 26: The everyday the everydayEveryday I watch The Big Bang Theory, thanks to E4’s lazy scheduling. I’m writing this a 3pm on a Sunday and already I have seen 4 episodes. Not complaining mind, love this show.

Day 27: Black and white Black and whiteSpent the evening watching Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls with this beast stretched out over me.

Day 28: This is new! This is newUnbearably cute new phone case arrived yesterday from Sighh Designs. Total bargain for Β£14.00. Quick (and free) delivery, great quality and on trend designs, this is a winner!

Are you doing the FatMumSlim Photo a Day Challenge over on Instagram? Leave me your name in the comments and I’ll follow you. Love to browse the hashtag and see other people’s take. I’m on @Alleyhope if you’d like to follow me!


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