Photo A Day -Week 29

I’m having to write this on my phone as there is a GIANT daddy long legs BEAST holding my laptop hostage in my room. Hope it looks ok!

Day 15: Outside the window20130721-123148.jpgSome natural framing going on here. Today I had a day off to hand in my rewritten Placement essay. Fingers crossed that I’ve passed it this time!

Day 16: Bottle BottleWent to see Pacific Rim with David (awful, don’t bother) and then grabbed a pizza and a Coke at Zizzi’s afterwards. Do love the classic coke bottles.

Day 17: Inspirational InspirationalCoffee table books.

Day 18: Number NumberIts been a week for SPF30 at least.

Day 19: Building BuildingChimney pots against a sunset over Nitten.

Day 20: Hot hotIt is hot and poor Murphy doesn’t know what to do with himself. He’s very uncomfortable.

Day 21: Fave food Fave foodActually took this picture on Thursday when I went for froyo with 2 friends but since I’m not getting any of this goodness today it’ll suffice. Chocolate, gummy bears, coconut, berries – get in ma belly! I have a very sweet tooth.

That was my week, how was yours? If you want to follow me on Instagram that would be dandy, I’m over at @AlleyHope


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