Photo A Day – Week 25

Bit later than usual but here is last weeks Photo A Day Challenge snaps. It’s a small miracle I’m posting at all this week, in full Festival mode. And yep, lots of EIFF based photos this time!

Day 17: Centred CentredFirst day of our Delegate Centre being open!

Day 18: Street StreetSome charity based street art.

Day 19: Currently reading Currently readingCocktail menu at the Opening Night Part in NMS. I did my duty and sampled them all – delicious! Also had a bit of photo both fun.

Day 20: Cute CuteOr not! Came home to find Murphy stalking the neighbours cat, ready for a fight. Took 10 minutes to get him in the house. Nightmare cat!

Day 21: Lunchtime lunchtimeEr guess I missed that!

Day 22: Enjoying life enjoying lifeThese guys certainly were! Saw this tonight, I enjoyed it, was pretty much exactly what I expected from it.

Day 23: Last LastLast minute addition to the team! Nacho our Chief Pawjectionist is probably the cutest member so far.

And that was my week! I also saw Frances Ha with a Q&A by Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig. Highly recommend Frances Ha, especially if you’re a fan of Girls but wish at least one of the characters was more likeable. I worked at the Monsters University premiere but missed out on getting my photo taken with Mike and Sulley – gutted! And I saw a press screening of Magic Magic which I loved – can’t get enough of Juno Temple. Good week, bring on the next one!

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