Photo A Day – Week 22

Ok so this week wasn’t quite as exciting as I hoped it would be – more of a massive stress! But we did launch the 2013 programme so it’s to be expected.

Day 27: Can’t live without Cant live withoutTime-saving pot of amazingness.

Day 28: What you’re doing now what you're doing nowWondering how I ended up with a mystery bruise on my knuckle. Don’t think I was fighting anyone…

Day 29: Kiss KissUh oh, one of these boys isn’t going to be too happy in a moment.

Day 30: Tool toolLego collection continues. This is the Bike Mechanic from Series 10.

Day 31: Four things four thingsStarting a cacti and succulent garden. These are four of my favourites. It was my mum’s birthday today and I went to Dobbies to get her a citrus tree and couldn’t resist these guys.


Day 1: B is for… B is forBoats, bay, beach, birds, beauty.

Day 2: A moment a momentDavid sharing a special moment with the Cramond Fish. He’s been doing a lot of kissing this week!

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