Photo A Day – Week 21


Been thinking of doing a 30 Before 30 list, and this challenge will for sure be on it. Is that cheating? I don’t think so, still got a long way to go with this. Here’s my 21st week of the year 2013:

Day 20: LightLightLight coming from the sun!! Rare!

Day 21: I care about this… I care about thisHelping David to prepare for an interview presentation. Even if he does regret asking me to help half way through.

Day 22: Change ChangeI never seem to have enough change for the bus. Maybe that’s because I’ve spent it all in Superdrug, oops.

Day 23: PJs PJsCaptain America PJammies. Cool. Bare toesies. Gross.

Day 24: Go GoGo little penguin, go! Spent ages waiting to see if this little guy would go in the pool, wasn’t up for it though. But that’s OK, look at his little feets! Cute.

Day 25: Us usCould this photo be anymore cheesy? Probably not.

Day 26: Fave thing to do on a Sunday Fave thing to do on a sundayLots of things! I like to have one day of the week on my own (usually a Sunday) for cat-napping, face masking, nail painting, reading and of course, blogging. Written and scheduled 4 posts today as I don’t often have time during the week. I love Sundays for this.

Nest week is going to be mega exciting, can’t wait. Follow me on Instagram @AlleyHope


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