Photo A Day – Week 20

Week 20! That’s almost halfway. I think this week’s posts have been rather spring-y, we’ve had a couple of days of nice weather although the weekend has been typically rainy and miserable.

Day 13. Sunrise/sunset sunsetMurphy loves the sunshine. This is him balancing on top of a trellis in the garden trying to catch the last of the days rays.

Day 14. Need NeedI need more fresh fruit in my diet (sat here eating Hula Hoops!). Playing with the A Beautiful Mess app. Love it.

Day 15. 7 o’clock 7 o'clockMorning dew on my mum’s tulips.

Day 16. Mailbox MailboxWas stuck on this prompt today until this beauty came through the post. Yey! Superdrug haul – post to come.

Day 17. Season seasonThe pansies are out so it must be spring!

Day 18. Want wantWant more time in the day to spend chilling in my bed.

Day 19. My favourite view Favourite viewAn old picture, but believe me, you don’t want to see the view I have today. I love the ocean, particularly when viewed from a sunny beach in Thailand. So desperate for a holiday!

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