Photo A Day – Week 19

Week 19, let’s do this!

Day 6. Broken BrokenEww! Had to put this in black and white! One of the many broken lights in the back garden.

Day 7. Something beginning with F FFood. Fro-yo. Frisky. Fab.

Day 8. Shape shapeLove it when the bus home is the free wifi ‘social media’ bus. Twittering.

Day 9. A snack A snackStayed at Louise’s place and she provided strawberry laces. Good thing.

Day 10. Starsย  starsWrapping paper. This is for David’s birthday later in the month. I’m excited to give him his present.

Day 11. A smile a smileMy gran in her mid-twenties. I love this picture, it makes me smile.

12. Mother MotherHappy (international) Mothers Day! My mum is lovely and patient and is always willing to provide comfort to spoilt cats (and twenty-something daughters).

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