Mani Monday – Little Mix Nail Wraps

Little Mix Nails WrapsI’ve been meaning to try out nail wraps for ages now, so when I spotted these strategically placed next to the tills in New Look I thought now was as good a time as any.

Elegant Touch have teamed up with the four members of Little Mix to create personal nail wraps and press on false nails, each reflecting the personal style of each lady. The wraps are £4.99 per pack and £5.99 for the press ons and are available at New Look. I must say, I’m pretty impressed at the variety of the designs. There’s graffiti, galaxy, studs, chain detail, houndstooth, tribal, tuxedo… the list goes on and on! It’s like they browsed nail trends for months before deciding ‘screw it, let’s do everything!’

Jesy Nail wrapsLittle Mix nail wrapsIt was tough to choose just one but I went with Jesy’s pop-art sytle graffiti. They’re  pretty funky!

Jesy NailsJesy Little Mix Nails The close-ups show the main problem I had with them. My nails are too damn small! I found them extremely sticky, great for staying power, but I found that it made trimming them to fit very difficult. In the end I had most overlapping on to my skin. I also lost a lot of the details. For example, on my pinky finger on the top photo is that a stereo or a lunchbox? But on the plus side, ‘Boom’ and ‘Pow’ survived! I like the look of the matte finish with this design, even though it felt a bit peculiar.  The temptation to pick always proves too much for me so these only lasted me an evening but I am sure you could get a good couple of days wear out of these.

I’ll definitely be wearing these on my next night out. I might just have to try to grow my nails a bit first.


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