Photo A Day – Week 16

Welcome to another week of the FatMumSlim photo a day challenge. Hope you enjoy the snaps.

Day 15: Alone aloneA lone daffodil. They came in a bit late this year due to the crappy weather but I’m happy to see them now. Such a cheery flower.

Day 16: Your favourite colour your favourite colourI don’t really have one favourite colour but I’m loving coral at the moment. I also think that I have finally found my perfect coral nail polish, not too orange, not to pink but perfectly balanced in the middle. It’s ‘Flamingo Coral’ from Topshop.

Day 17: Busy BusyBusy doing nothing with my new Nexus.

Day 18: Hello! Hello!HI!

Day 19: Button buttonI love this new shirt from New Look. Can’t wait to wear it on a sunny day.

Day 20: On your mind On your mindFun times with Laura. It’s her birthday on Monday and this was us pre-birthday night out.

Day 21: Fire fireMy dad randomly burning stuff in the garden. Hope the neighbours didn’t have their washing out!

Here’s to next week, can’t believe it’s already nearly the end of April! Follow me on Instagram @AlleyHope for daily challenge posts and other snaps including all the usual Instagram cliches.


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