Photo a Day – Week 14

Another week’s worth of FatMumSlim‘s photo a day challenge. The first week of April has gone in fairly quickly so let’s get on with the post before it’s already May.

Day 1: Play PlayWanted to play with the cat but he was not up for it.

Day 2: Blue BlueStill in love with my blue typewriter.

Day 3: Something beginning with ‘A’ a‘Animal’ as in animals at The Ugly Animal Preservation Society, a show at Edinburgh International Science Festival. Was funny. In parts.

Day 4: This happened todayĀ this happened todayGot asked at the last minute to help at a Screen Bandita event, Fuaim is Solas. It was, as always, fun, enlightening and unique.

Day 5: Something good Something goodMmm Strawberry and Lime.

Day 6: Air AirJess catching some air.

Day 7: Dreamy dreamySaw Spring Breakers. The closing scene was like a violent day-glo dream sequence.

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