Photo A Day – Week 13

Another weekly round-up of how I’m doing with FatMumSlim‘s Photo a Day Challenge. Tomorrow is the start of April and I’m looking forward to continuing the challenge. Thinking that I’ve done one-quarter of the year already is motivating me to keep going.

Day 25: In your drawer in your drawerColoured Sharpies! For colour coding notes and the like.

Day 26: Something you did something you didI took the bus out to Ocean Terminal after work. Grey, cold day!

Day 27: Pair PairMy only pair of glasses. Which I stupidly left behind today and had to wander about blind.

Day 28: In the mirror In the mirrorYeah, you can see how messy my room is in the mirror. Spending the weekend tidying!

Day 29: Goodnight goodnightYaaaaawwwwnnnnn.

Day 30: Relax relaxChilling out with Murphy.

Day 31: Stuff stuffHmm, stuff is a funny prompt. Decided to take a snap of stuff that I’m currently loving – namely these tulips. Tulips are one of my favourite types of flowers as they’re so spring-y and I am desperate for winter to end.

Follow me on Instagram for daily pictures. You can find me @AlleyHope. Give me a nudge if you are also doing the challenge so I can follow your progress too.


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