Mine’s a Hawaiian Punch Please

Rimmel Hawaiian PunchRimmel is a brand that I often overlook when shopping for nail polish which is really quite bad of me considering their shade ‘Grey Matter’ is one of my favourite ever bottles, in fact the only one I have ever repurchased. So for that reason, I wanted to share ‘Hawaiian Punch’ for their new Cocktail Colour collection.

This is a gorgeous bright pink with an intense shimmer which leans duochrome blue under certain lights. It reminds me of the Rimmel classic ‘Shocker’. I found it opaque with just one coat, although I did have to apply a second as my brush seemed a bit uneven. Rimmel have a lovely blunt, wide brush which I normally get on really well with so I think I just had a dud.

Also available is ‘Baby Bellini’ (purple) and ‘Shirley Temple’ (orange). Available for £3.99 from Boots here. They are all an absolute treat so I hope they bring out more similarly sunny shades.

Perfect for cocktail night with the ladies!


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