Nails Inc Haul

Hello lovelies, just wanted to share what I got in the recent Nails Inc Lucky Dip Sale,Β  and a few extra treats as well.

Lucky Dip polishThis is what I got. Left to right: ‘Chelsea Flower Show’ a bright orange jelly; ‘Greenwich Park’ an extremely dense silver glitter; ‘Blenheim Terrace’ muted pink with a subtle silver shimmer; ‘Fenchurch Street’ a woody brown creme; ‘Walton Place’ a super girly pink with a unsusual semi-matte finish; ‘Clifford Street’ blackened purple shot through with a pale gold shimmer.

Nails Inc Lucky DipOverall the winner of this collection is ‘Greenwich Park’ which applies to an opaque coverage in one coat. One! With no base colour necessary! I’ve got other silver glitters but not one as easy to use as this. I can see myself wearing ‘Clifford Street’ and ‘Blenheim Terrace’ although I’m not entirely sure the latter goes with my skin tone but I really like it for a more subtle look than I usually go for. I’ll use ‘Fenchurch Street’ for nail art and I gave ‘Walton Place’ to a friend who needed cheering up as I already have a mini bottle of this polish. The only one I’m not sure about is ‘Chelsea Flower Show’. Not entirely sold on jelly nail polishes (this is my first one) and the colour makes my nails look like I smoke 50 a day! I think I need to try some jelly sandwiches before I resign it to the bin.

Nails Inc HaulI also splashed out on the ‘Noho’ leather effect set and the ‘London Wall’ concrete effect. This was the only one of the concrete effects that I liked, really not sure about the colour choices from Nails Inc. I guess I just like my concrete concrete-y. Although I must say I really like the look of the Barry M pastel versions. And, because I bought two items I received the free gift: a set of 3 minis comprising ‘Green Park’ muted moss green; ‘Kensington Place’ creamy grey; and my favourite, ‘Hyde Park Corner’ a lovely soft lavender grey.

Did you buy the Lucky Dip offer? What colours did you get?



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