Photo a Day – Week 4

This week we had a few days of snow so I’ve mostly been shivering at work or hiding under my duvet. But it has made for some pretty photographs so it’s not all bad.

Day 21: What you do What you doWhen I’m not at work I mostly watch TV and play on the internets. It’s an exciting life. Especially when Hollyoaks is on.

Day 22: Corner CornerA snowy corner. The snow was still falling quite thickly when I took this. It was also so soft that when it landed you could still see the individual snowflakes. Lovely.

Day 23: Electric ElectricSometimes Murphy needs plugged in to recharge. He looks so peaceful here, but seriously, he has been a nightmare this week. He won’t go out into the snow for too long and always wants to stay in if its windy/rainy/cold, but he is very much an outdoor cat so this self-imposed indoorsy-ness drives him nuts!

Day 24: Stripes StripesI have lots of stripy tops. Here’s 3.

Day 25: Landscape LandscapeThis bit of land usually looks terrible but snow covers so many sins (including people ignoring that sign).

Day 26: Together TogetherThis was (nearly) everyone together on Saturday. All doing their own thing.

Day 27: Sun SunNo chance of catching the real sun today so this is an illustration from 3-Minute Stephen Hawking a.k.a. A Brief History of Time for Dummies.

I’m continuing this challenge on Instagram @AlleyHope


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