Photo A Day – Week 3

20 days down, 345 to go! It’s not a leap year, is it?

14. Something yellow YellowSurfing bird! Abandoned at work 😦

15. An ordinary moment momentI have spent many an hour in the garden stargazing with my Dad. It’s always a time to appreciate. Tonight we saw Jupiter and 3 of it’s moons.

16. Two things two thingsTwo dinosaurs! I love all things dino.

17. Ready ReadyFinally ready – ‘nerd’ themed nails for Stacey. I’ll do a post on these tomorrow with all the colours used.

18. Shadow ShadowAn artist’s mannequin striking a pose.

19. Delicious deliciousMurphy reckons my tea looks delicious. He, however, certainly did not smell delicious after stealing some of my leftovers.

20. Something you saw sawSnow at work! 🙂

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