Mani Monday – Magnetic Strips

Magnetic NailsSo magnetic nail polishes are pretty old news now, but all the ones that I found came with just one magnet. Enter lots of lovely stocking filler gifts from the bf:Magnet rodsThese four magnet rods came from a set from and as you can see, give you the chance to revamp your magnetic polishes. All you do is apply a thin coat of magnetic nail polish and allow to dry. Then, one nail at a time, apply a thicker second coat and immediately hold the rod above the wet nail, pattern side down. I find that it helps to bring your hand up to eye level so that you can get the magnet as close as possible without touching. Hold still for 5 seconds and hey presto – instant nail art!Magnets + nail polishI used 17 Magnetized Nail Polish in ‘Gun Metal’ which has a wavy pattern on the magnet and one each of the 4 magnet strips per nail as demonstrated in the below photo: Hand magnetsLeft to right:

Index finger – Diagonal. I really liked this one, the effect was quite stong and I came out how I had hoped.

Middle finger – Heart. Disappointing on the nail, you really can’t tell what it is. I have quite small, curved nails, so maybe that was part of the problem. I would need to check this on my thumb/big toe! The actual heart magnet also seems to be slightly off centre to where the paper guide suggests it to be, so this was the result I got after 3 goes. Needs patience and trail and error!

Ring finger – Chevron. I was really excited to try this one, but again due to my small nails I don’t exactly get the proper chevron look. But I never got wavy lines with the regular magnet either so I wasn’t that surprised. Again I think the point of the chevron is slightly off centre to the guide so needs a bit of trail and error.

Pinkie finger – Straight stripes. My favourite! A nice, strong effect and I like the look of the straight lines the best out of any magnetic effects I have seen, not just from this selection.

Overall, I was really pleased with this set. They can be used with any magnetic nail polish, are inexpensive and give a strong effect so are great if you are still loving your magnetic nail polish but could do with a new pattern. Even if I was a bit disappointed by two of them, the diagonal one and the straight lines one are worth the £4.30 price tag.

P.S. BONUS BARGAIN! The Man with the Golden GunLook what I found in Sallys! OPI’s ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ gold leaf topcoat for less than £11! Was ridiculously excited when I spotted this, been lusting after it since September but could in no way justify the £30 price tag. There was a few left in-store so hot foot it down to your local (UK) Sallys ASAP. Cannot wait to share some mani’s using this.

P.P.S The colour on my thumb is ‘Burnt Out’ by Fearne Cotton for Boots – another lovely Christmas gift from the boyfriend, how lucky am I?!


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