Photo A Day – Week 1

Here’s a common New Year’s resolution – to take at least one photograph every day. So that’s what I’m doing! This is Fat Mum Slim‘s challenge, which I had done for a couple of months in 2012. I really like this one as she gives you daily prompts rather than you struggling to think of something interesting to take a photo of. I’ll be sharing updates weekly on a Sunday, taking it one week at a time, but fingers crossed for the whole year!

1. TodayIMG_2866New Year’s Day walk with David! Jumping for joy at the prospect of 2013.

2. NewIMG_2869My new horror film book!

Day 3. HeartIMG_2874Wooden heart that I spray painted bronzey-gold.

Day 4. The view from hereIMG_2878From my bed.

Day 5. MovementIMG_2886Jogger in the Meadows. That should be me. But it’s not.

Day 6. MineIMG_2890Mine’s a So-Co Cherry & Red Kola please!

I’m also posting these daily on Instagram – username @AlleyHope, join me there too!


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