Friday Favourites – 30 November

Have to write a very quick Friday Favourites – the internet has been down aaaalllll evening! Argh! It’s embarrassing to admit how gutting that is.

December Photo a Day Challengedec-photoaday

Ooh tempted to do another photo challenge, I love all the potentially festive options included in this list. I’ll see how I feel in the morning (i.e. if I can get up for 8.00). Again this is by the lovely Fat Mum Slim, and I’ll most likely be taking part over on Instagram.

Visit to read about how you can take part and to get some inspiration. She has great pics from throughout the year.

This Cat Notebook!

Cat notebookThis is very me! Found this notebook on Pinterest (surprise surprise) and after some searching found it was by the talented Chris Carfolite. Prints and art cards are available to buy in his Society 6 page. Still desperate for the notebook though!

Go to for this and more illustrations.

Happy St Andrew’s Day

scots flag

Today is St Andrew’s Day and celebrations will continue all weekend. The museum I work at ( and lots of other visitor attractions all over Scotland are offering 2 for 1 entry all weekend so get stuck in!

Head over to to find out what’s on.



Going to see Rancid on Sunday and I am EXCITED! That is all.

If you don’t know them already, then you must! Check out

That’s it for November! Only just made it – 5 mins to spare – phew! See ya in the pit next time πŸ™‚


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