Gig Review – Michael McIntyre Showtime at Glasgow SECC

This is my first foray into reviewing shows so please don’t expect a professional review, I just wanted to share my thoughts. Being from Edinburgh I’ve seen a lot of comedy shows and read a lot of reviews.  While I probably won’t use descriptions such as ‘dick-swingingly assured’ (excuse me, what?!), I hope I will give some sort of insight.

First of all, there were two things that put this show on the back foot to begin with. One: the tickets went on sale literally two years before the show date. When they were bought we were excited about seeing McIntyre eventually, but two years later… hmm a bit indifferent to be honest. Two: the SECC. It’s not the best venue for actually seeing anything, and it’s a bit galling when you have the infinitely more appropriate Clyde Auditorium (Armadillo) next door. However, the Armadillo seats 3,000 while the SECC can cram in 10,000, comfortably or not. Also, McIntyre joked about both of these things straight away which did lighten the mood. And, I’ve seen pictures of this show at other venues now so, okay, the SECC wasn’t that bad.

I wouldn’t say that McIntyre is my favourite comedian (at the moment that honour goes to Kevin Bridges – offensive Glaswegians are more my thing), but there’s no denying that he is more than capable of holding an audience’s attention for the 2 hours he is on stage. Mixing general observation, mini sketches with longer stories, and to my surprise, picking on latecomers, Showtime is a varied and engaging show. I must admit that I found some of the  stories a tad long, but you can’t help but he entertained by his enthusiasm if nothing else. Specific highlights for me were the perils of naming a child’s game ‘Pants Down You Lose’, how to pose for the paparazzi and the tragic tale of a traumatic dentist visit. The skipping has been toned down a bit without losing any of the energy, so those who previously found McIntyre a bit, well, irritating, might just be won round by this show.

So conveniently enough, the DVD of this show is out now – just in time for the ‘primary gifting period’ (a joke for the Bill Bailey fans among you). It was filmed at the O2 so will be slightly different to the show I saw but it will still contain all the main routines. I do recommend this, especially as a gift for a comedy fan, or even someone who you’re not sure what to buy for. McIntyre is inoffensive, infectiously funny and a genuine crowd-pleaser.


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