Instagram Sunday – 11 November

More snaps from the ol’ iPhone.

Instagramming a Polaroid – how meta! This is me and Sadia, think my Aztec knit lends itself pretty well to this 70’s style snap. Also loving the floral bedspread in the background. | Tina Fey Bossypants – this is what I am now reading. Pretty good so far but no How to be a Woman.

DJ and me out for a walk while I was doggysitting him one afternoon. | Sniff Sniff! Learned that a big part of walking a Labrador Retriever is hanging about while he sniffs stuff.

Foxy! How cute is the foxy cushion from Joy? Want! | Bath Bomb – instead I bought a much cheaper but equally awesome Fresh Berry bath bomb from Bomb Cosmetics in Dobbies. Turned my bath pink and smelt amazing. Mmm 🙂

Err Sorry Murphy, is my face in your way?  | Evil Cat – genuinely think he was trying to smother me, not give me a cuddle.

Ooh and check out the new Instagram Profiles. I can be found @AlleyHope


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