30 Day Drawing Challenge – Week 1

First full week of the drawing challenge. Bit of a mixed bag due to time/laziness/interest levels.

Day 4: Favourite Place

Edinburgh! And what better represents Edinburgh than the Castle? Sometimes I catch a glimpse of it, especially in the early evening when the sun hits it in a certain way and it glows golden and I feel lucky to live by such a pretty city.

Day 5: Best Friend

Ok, this scary thing looks nothing like my best friend. I suppose that the only similarities are that she has big hair, a big smile and loves the colour pink.

Day 6: Favourite book character – Can’t be a film

Whaaaat? What do you mean can’t be a film? Most of the books I’ve read are now or will be films! So I went for Bernard from Not Now, Bernard by David McKee, the story of a hapless little boy who’s parents are too busy to notice when he gets eaten by a monster. Poor kid. Often feel like handing copies out to certain parents!

Day 7: Favourite word

My favourite word is ‘driech’. It means dull/dreary/bleak. As in ‘It’s a gie dreich day the day’.

Day 8: Favourite animated character

Ariel isn’t really my favourite animated character but I fancied colouring in some red hair. Although if I had to go for a Disney Princess it would be Ariel and Merida – redheads for the win! Should have been born a ginger…

Day 9: Favourite TV show

Haha well I didn’t have time to finish this one! It’s supposed to be The Big Bang Theory, the scene where Sheldon hugs Penny after she give him Leonard Nimoy’s autograph (and DNA). One of my favourite scenes.

Day 10: Favourite candy

CHOCOLATE! Enough said.

Have a look at my first couple of days here and check in next Saturday for the next installment.


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