30 Day Drawing Challenge

This will be a hard challenge but here goes!

Day 1: Yourself

Here’s a rather weird drawing of me and the complete list of the challenge. I suck at drawing teeth – really need to practice!

Day 2: Your favourite animal

My favourite animal is a polar bear. Specifically, Mercedes who used to live in Edinburgh Zoo/Highland Wildlife Park until she died a few years ago. This drawing is of a picture taken while she was still living wild in Canada. She had the number 39 spray painted on her bum so that they could track her as she kept wandering into a town. Due to be put down for the safety of the town, Edinburgh Zoo adopted her. Hence the sad face.

Day 3: Favourite food

Yum! My favourite food is actually fajitas but I thought that would be pretty boring to draw so I went fo my second favourite – a cute cupcake. I do have a raging sweet tooth so it’s a closely run race.

Short post this week – more next Saturday when hopefully a bit of practice will have improved my drawings a bit.


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