October Photo A Day Challenge – Week Four (& a bit)

A mini post to share the last three days of the October Photo a Day Challenge.

Day 29: Moon
Today’s challenge was to take a picture of the full moon and I did feel that this was quite a challenge. Since I’m doing this on Instagram, I take all my photos on my phone and that is not the best for capturing extreme light and dark or faraway objects. Also it was a cloudy night. But I got it! And I suppose that it was pretty cool to be able to go into the hashtag on Instagram and see people all over the world taking pictures of the same object for the same purpose.

Day 30: Clothes
Ooh this one was some good timing as I just received a delivery from ASOS. I got some new winter woolens. I do love this time of year.

Day 31: Whatever you please
Halloween! Only one choice today, right? Halloween face! I was working at a kids Halloween party at work and decided to get in the mood by getting made up as a zombie. Pretty basic costume – blood splattered shirt, dark eyes, grey face and blood drips. Easy but effective.

And that’s it! Thanks for having a look at my challenge entries. You can see my week one, week two, week three and week four here.Β  I’m going to sit out the November challenge but if you liked my photos do follow me on Instagram @AlleyHope.

If you want to join in with the November Photo a Day Challenge check out Fat Mum Slim’s website for the challenge list and how you can share your entries.


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