Friday Favourites – 19 Oct

Friday Friday! This is what I’m loving this week…

‘The Birds’ Cookies

Found these originally posted by Etsy on Pinterest. And seriously, how amazing do they look? The above link takes you to a tutorial by the supremely talented Sara of Sara Belle’s Bakery so that you can make your own. I won’t be attempting these, I don’t want to sully the memory of these spectacular cookies with my own attempts! I am honestly a bit obsessed with these beauts.

They were created for a Halloween party inspired by Hitchcock’s The Birds (one of my favourite films – I’ve even visited Bodega Bay Tippi Hedren style). How impressed would you be if someone rocked up to your Halloween soiree with these in tow? Love!

Visit for the original post and for more decadent baking.

Eclectic Eccentricity’s Totem Forest Animal Necklaces

This is my favourite jewellery website and I always adding more and more to my wishlist from it. I love these new totem necklaces, particularly the racoon and the fox, the fox maybe just pips it. The website says that the fox totem is “cunning, quick thinking and intelligent. Believed by many traditions to be a guide and messenger.” I definitely need an injection of cunning so yep, this is the one.

Visit to have a look, and make sure you check out the dinosaur necklaces too!

Ombre tights

Ooh I do love a bit of ombre-ing, my Pinterest is just full of it! These tights are so pretty, I have to have them! All of the shoes are fairly cute too, especially the flats on the right. You can buy these handmade garments from BZR on Etsy. Or check out this great DIY by Pretty Ditty to learn a more affordable way to inject this trend into your autumn wardrobe. I really like this DIY, especially as she shares where she went wrong, helping to make sure that your own attempt can go smoother.

Visit to buy, or to make!

Ruby Sparks

This is somewhat of a hopeful entry, as I’m going to see this film tomorrow, and I’m hoping I’ll like it as much as I think I will. It’s from the directors of Little Miss Sunshine and while I don’t think it’ll quite reach those heights (Alan Arkin is not in it to start with), it still looks pretty cute.

Watch the trailer here. They also have a couple of official sites, the most interesting of which (in my opinion) is this one: where people have submitted their own posters for the film. Check back here in a few days when I will have a review up also.

Thanks for reading!


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