Friday Favourites – 28 Sept

Oops missed last week due to Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival but I think it was worth it. Also, this is going to be a short post, not been on the internet to have many favourites this week!

October Challenges: Photo A Day

Now that the summer festivals are over I’m looking for new ways to fill my time (except writing my dissertation – let’s not get too crazy) and this challenge is pretty appealing. This is the list for the Photo A Day by Fat Mum Slim for October. I like that most days the theme is quite broad so you can use your imagination. I’ll be doing this over on Instagram so come and see how I’m doing @AlleyHope and check out the hashtag #FMSPhotoADay to see other entries. I’ll also post weekly updates here (y’know, if I stick to it).

I’d also love to do a simple nail art challenge and/or a drawing challenge so if anyone knows of any, please share.

Check out for this challenge, previous months and lots more.

DIY Nail Polish Storage

A DIY tutorial that combines pretty storage and nail polish? Yes please! This idea from The Beauty Department is right up my street, but unfortunately I’d need about 6 shoe boxes to have all my 100 bottles standing neatly in rows. In fact, I’ve just resolved to get myself an Ikea Helmer, beloved of beauty bloggers and tidy storage fans worldwide. However, I do love the idea of the stickers on top to identify the colours. So stealing that bit!

Visit for oodles of beauty tips. It’s co-run by Kristin Ess, Amy Nadine and (The Hills’) Lauren Conrad and is seriously one of my favourite sites.

That’s all folks, more next week!


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