Friday Favourites – 14 Sept

Welcome to another installment of Friday Favourites!

Scottish Wildcat Association & Highland Tiger

This is actually motivated by my least favourite story of the week. According to reports there are as few as 35 pure-bred wildcats less, much less than previous estimates which stood at 400. This means that they could be extinct within months. This is desperately sad news and one of the main factors is the cats breeding with feral or domestic moggies. My own cat, Murphy, is the result of this hybridisation, and as much as we love him, cat owners need to help prevent this decline of the true wildcats. Get your pet neutered! Even if it’s a boy and you’re not having to look after the kitties, doesn’t mean he’s not out there making them! The Scottish Wildcat Association and Highland Tiger are not giving up yet and still making attempts to re-stabilise the population.

Visit their websites to learn more and support their work:

Peachling’s Prints

I’m loving text-based prints at the moment. And I love the Hungers Games as well – I admit it. Although I did hate the last book, maybe the film(s) will be better. I would also like to extend this saying to my beloved Scottish Wildcats above.

Check out the artist, Bec Nolan. She also makes a super cute fox print and has a pretty cool blog too.

Accessorize’s Autumn Collection

In particular, the Maddy Stag Across Body. Autumn is my favourite season and tweedy fashion like this is part of the reason. I’m looking forward to knitted jumpers, hot chocolates and navy nail polishes (and purchasing this bag!).

Get it here:

Photojojo’s DIY Photo Ledge

Jazz up your walls with photo ledges and this simple DIY from iPhoneography lovelies Photojojo. This is great for all you guys starting/returning to uni and facing the plain, boring walls of halls or rented accommodation as it doesn’t inflict any detectable damage. I’ll be doing this as a runner in my hallway.

Like Photojojo on Facebook for more photography DIYs, tips and stories:

Thanks for reading, see you next week!


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