Mani Monday: Blue Ombre Nails

I must admit, I have been struggling with this look and I’m not sure I’ve quite mastered it yet. It’s not a smooth as others I’ve seen but I have a plan: OPI’s Nail Strengthener is NOT a topcoat and if you use it as such in desperate times, it will smudge your polish everywhere so it should blend the two colours together nicely. I also want to try this look with a matte topcoat.

What I used: Nails Inc Blueberry; Nails Inc Denim; Makeup Sponge.


1. Paint your nails the lightest colour you are planning on using.
2. Paint the two colours side by side on a makeup sponge.
3. Dab the sponge on a piece of cardboard to get rid of excess polish.
4. Sponge on to your nails, moving the sponge up and down as you go. Repeat this step until you achieve a look you like.
5. Clean up around the nails and apply a topcoat.

BTW, check out for more Monday mani’s.


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