Friday Favourites

I thought I’d restart this blog by jumping on the blogging bandwagon with Friday Favourites, or how it should be known on here, Stuff by Other People. Hopefully it will give you an idea of what I like, my style and what you can expect from this blog. Here goes:

Esra Røise

I first came across this talented artist on Pinterest. Actually, an image pasted on Polyvore, pinned to Pinterest and repinned 100 times. I love her drawings, they are a style I strive to emulate; simple, effective and full of life. A Norwegian artist, her work can be seen in uber-cool places such as NYLON mag, exhibitions from London to Oslo and adorning Eleven Paris t-shirts in France. I picked this image because as well as being gorgeous, I love TV so it seemed appropriate!


The Nailasaurus’ Tetris Nails

Amazing! This is my favourite nail blog. The pictures are great, the designs creative and the execution immaculate. I also happen to love Tetris so when it came to choosing my favourite nail pic of the week, this was a no brainer.

Visit her website here:

Triple Chocolate Chunk Muffin

Should come with a health warning right? Nope! Apparently it’s 58 calories per muffin… that’s about the same as an apple… hmm. Not tried this recipe yet but it sounds pretty easy and the end product looks very chocolatey which is always good in my book.

Here is the link to the account where I found this: I don’t really use tumblr but accounts like this are good for inspiration/motivation. Click the title above the photo to go straight to the recipe.

DIY Missoni Trainers

Apparently the original Missoni for Target sneaks were going for $31, 000 on eBay. What?! Yup, so inspired DIY types came up with a fun, frugal yet fab solution. Now, I may be late to the Aztec trend but I’d love to do these, throwing in some different lines, squares and dots. I think I have white canvas shoes in the cupboard… to Hobbycraft! (Don’t judge me for going to Hobbycraft, my regular independent art and craft store got shut down a year ago and turned into a *shudder* tartan shop. Still not over it).

Visit for this and more general awesomeness.

That’s it! That was fun. See you next Friday!


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