Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! What spooky things have you all got planned? I’m just going to be treating myself to a Lush bath then getting into cosy pyjamas and having a mini horror film fest on my couch. I’m thinking Carrie, Evil Dead and Scream followed by a few straight to-the-bargain-basement-DVD-section on Netflix. And entirely necessary for a cosy night in are the snacks. Seriously though, my local supermarket has so many insane Halloween snacks this year. Who needs a balanced diet when you can get green popcorn, a brain shaped cake and Frankenstein biscuits?

Lastly, to set the mood I’ll be sparking up a Halloween candle in my ridiculously cute Yankee Candle pumpkin votive. I usually think the Yankee home accessories are so tacky so I have no idea what possessed me to buy this, but I actually love it. I genuinely think he looks good! Please someone agree with me?! I’ve been burning the sweet, vanilla Candy Corn during the week but today I’m going to change it out for Witches Brew, a deep and rich patchouli fragrance.

I’ve moved to the suburbs this year into a quiet cul-de-sac so we’ve stocked up on Haribo for any guisers (or trick-or-treaters, whatever you want to call them). I just hope they don’t bang on the door during any scary bits!

So, on that note; what’s your favourite scary movie?

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