Days Out | Legoland Windsor

Bit of a different post as I don’t have much to say. Just wanted to share some photos for my trip to Legoland Windsor recently for all you LEGO geeks out there. It’s mostly for younger kids (especially the rides) but it’s still fun to go and see all of the amazing creations.

MINILAND20150523_110236 20150523_110315 20150523_11070520150523_11074820150523_110842 20150523_11092520150523_112226  20150523_113355 20150523_113403 20150523_113440 20150523_113651 20150523_113909

DINO SAFARI20150523_133127

STAR WARS EXPERIENCE20150523_144927 20150523_145524

We went on a couple of rides – the river rapids style one in the Land of the Vikings, the Dino Safari and the Atlantis Submarine Adventure (in an Sea Life aquarium with non-LEGO sharks) but mostly we were happy to wander about and look at stuff.

And we had to visit the shop! David got himself the Ghostbusters car, think it’s the best set we have. Really fun day.

One thought on “Days Out | Legoland Windsor

  1. Kel says:

    I love Legoland! We came down a few weeks ago with the kids for a weekend… I know the rides are mainly for little ones but I’m a massive ride wimp so they suited me perfectly!:)

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