My Skincare Routine

My Skincare Routine(ish)

My Skincare Routine My Skincare Routine

I say ‘skincare routine-ish’ because I in no way stick to this religiously. I’ve actually found that my skin looks better if I largely leave it to it’s own devices – too many products, prodding and pampering and it’s tends to have a bit of a teenage tantrum. It just wants to be left ALONE, GAWD! But yeah, at the grand old age of 28, I now know what I need to do and what I don’t. And this is it:

My Skincare Routine

Toner: Sadly, I’ve found that my skin does look better when I use this. There was me thinking it was just hype. Luckily, they all have the same effect so I use whatever sample I have kicking about. When I run out I’ll buy a basic one – it’s not that vital!

Serum: I only use this if my skin is super dry or I’m planning on wearing foundation that day. Stuff with hyraluronic acid works for me, but the Lacura one from Aldi of all places does the same job as the much hyped Hydraluron for the much more reasonable price of £2.69. Yep! £2.69. Comes in a nice glass bottle with a pump and everything. It does smell rank though, so be warned.

Eye Cream/Gel: It’s all the same really but I like the oh-so-chill feeling of a gel that is applied with a roller ball so the Body Shop Drops of Youth is rocking my eye bags right now.

Moisturiser: I need all the vitamin E in the world on my face. Don’t know why, but it’s become apparent that it’s my dehydrated skin’s greatest desire. So again, the Body Shop is my pal with their hefty range of Vitamin E products.

My Skincare Routine

Face masks: I love the odd face mask. I do one once a week and I pick depending of how my skin is looking. If it’s generally OK, I use a Montagne Jeunesse sachet. If it’s seeming a bit clogged, a mud or charcoal mask like the Origins Clear Improvement is my go to, followed my a moisture one like the Superdrug Vitamin E one. If it just looks like crap, the Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energising Mask is an actual miracle worker.

My Skincare Routine

Cleansers: My best results come from hot cloth cleansers, but I’m all out just now and so far my face hasn’t fallen off. Instead, I’m using the Bliss Foaming Face Wash and it’s fine (plus it smells like yummy sweets). It gently exfoliates but doesn’t strip my skin so I like it. I also use the Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter for when I wearing a tonne of slap

My Skincare Routine

Make Up Removers: I generally use a micellar water to remove my face and eyebrows  before a proper wash, but I have found that they’re no match for my penchant for waterproof eyeliner and are terribly drying on the lips, so I pair it with the oiler duo-phase remover. I like both of these from L’Oreal, they do the job for me.

Oil Treatment: This is a rare addition for me, but if nothing is making a difference to stubborn dry patches I apply a facial oil overnight like this one from Sanctuary, and it works a treat.

My Skincare Routine

Lip Stuff: Dehydrated skin usually means dry lips, at least it does for me. I keep on top of it with the Number One Blogger Clichés – Lush Lip Scrub and NUXE Reve de Miel overnight. Hey, if it ain’t broke… I also love my EOS lip balms for during the day, I have them dotted about all over the place. I’m such a basic.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I look after my face. Minus the gross pore stripping, hair plucking, spot zapping icky stuff it’s impolite to talk about…oh. Oops.

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