Coming Soon | Smashbox Double Exposure Palette & Primer Water

Smashbox Cosmetics

Ladies, I’m here today to pre-warn you to save a few of your Christmas pennies. Smashbox have two very special releases coming up in the new year that I think you might want to check out.

To me, Smashbox is synonymous with primer, being one of the leaders in developing the product. And in February they’ll be reinventing it again with the release of their Photo Finish Primer Water. It comes in a spray bottle and packed with electrolytes, Smashbox describe it as an “energy drink for your skin”. Since I suffer with dry patches, this is perfect for me as it’s so hydrating. A multifunctional product, it can also be used to set make up and refresh during the day as it is so light. It feels great on the skin and it smells lush, roll on February… The Primer Water will appear at stockist from February 18th and will be £20.

Smashbox Cosmetics Double Exposure Palette

But if you can’t wait until February for a Smashbox fix, check out the Double Exposure palette which will be released in January. This is described as the “next step” on from the Full Exposure palette and injects a few pops of colour into your eyeshadow wardrobe. It’s a combination of shimmers and mattes and pretty much covers all bases, from navy and mauve to black and white via a good number of neutrals. As a blue eyed girl I struggle a bit with purpley shades, but the satin navy and the dark metallic bronze are made for me. The Double Exposure palette is formulated to double up – all of the shades can be used wet or dry. Using them wet intensifies the effect of the shadow so it amps up the shimmer, gets deeper, becomes more metallic and this is where I think the palette stands out from the crowd. The blue especially becomes the most insanely beautiful colour for a graphic liner look. 28 options for the price of 14! It is out in the UK on Jan 7th and is priced at £37.

What do you think of these new launches? Do either of them take your fancy?

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