Sunday Catch Up #9

Woo I’m on holiday for one whole week! Can you tell I’m a bit happy about this? It’s my birthday on Tuesday, tonight I’m having some people over for cocktails and then I’m jetting off to Paris on Tuesday for two days. Happy days!

Murphy and pancakesOn Sunday night I stayed over at my mum’s so I got lots of lovely Murphy cuddles (after I’d taking some antihistamines!). We watched Crufts. Murphy was NOT into it.

Pancake Day has rapidly turned into Pancake Month. Yums.

Bath StuffsSpeaking of yum, I’m still working my way through my Bomb Cosmetics box. I used the Martian Skies Bath Mallow (smelt like raspberries) and the Power to the Parma Bath Brulee (smelt like parma violets obvs). Both very lovely and softening.

WatchingI caught Wake in Fright at work on Monday. It’s an Australian film from 1971 and it is grim. A brutal look at life in a brutal environment, the Australian Outback. A weekend of gambling, drinking, abuse and hunting brings a teacher from Sydney rapidly to his knees, despairing at how quickly he has lost control while stuck in his own personal hell. If it’s on a cinema near you, go and see it, it’s a lost classic that only just been restored after being missing for decades.

I’ve also been watching the Channel 4 Live from Space series. It’s amazing to see the real life of astronauts on the International Space Station.

BuyingOn Wednesday I nipped into Superdrug and picked up the three new Barry M Gelly shades. I also wanted the bright pink Grapefruit but I couldn’t remember if I already had it. So I took this picture of my collection so I’d have a permanent reminder. No I don’t have it. I need it. Review of the new shades will be up tomorrow.

I also received my first Birchbox – rather exciting! I’ll do a post with my opinions on this next week too.

What have you been up to this week? Any recommendations for me while I’m in Paris? I’m only there for two days but I’ll be packing as much in as possible.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Catch Up #9

  1. Rachael (@hookstitch) says:

    Yey for a week off – I could do with one of those myself! I’ve been watching the US/Nat Geo version of the Live From Space – the pictures of Earth from the ISS are incredible aren’t they?! If you like science/space you should try and find the new Cosmos to watch – although i’m not sure if that’ll make its way to the UK.

    Enjoy Paris!

    • AlleyHope says:

      Thanks you! I’ll have a look out for Cosmos. I still have the Brian Cox Wonders series to watch although I’ve heard mixed things about them. But still, space, science, wonderment, it’s all good:)

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